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Ensure your financial records are accurate and up-to-date with best practices as well as forecast with confidence.

Forecasting and scenario building to help manage short and long-term cash requirements

• Design accounting and information flows
• Devise financial model with key drivers for operating and financial metrics for up to 5 years
• Determine with precision, the timing and amount of financing required and optimize cash flow with a focus on burn rate management
• Insure risk and process controls for rapid growth
• Build credibility with the Board and investors

"Bridging the GAAP" with daily financial management -- from payables, receivables and payroll to month end reporting

• Implement or clean-up accounting records
• Integrate and automate bank and credit card accounts with existing accounting software
• Implement standard dataroom
• Create monthly close and electronic checklists
• Develop and manage short-term cash flow projections and requirements

Fortune 500 expertise, tailored to your company's specific needs

• Guiding a young company through a liquidity search – debt or equity
• Rightsizing and burn rate management by turning negative burn rate to positive cash flow
• Lead ERP implementation including vendor negotiation for optimal pricing and system design
• Liaise with attorneys, auditors, bankers and investors
• Coaching and mentoring of management and financial team during a time of rapid growth

Interim support or oversight as and when you need it

• Manage daily, weekly, monthly financial management including receivables, payables and payroll processing
• Prepare month end close
• Monitor and prepare weekly cash flow reporting
• Audit | Due Diligence preparation
• Multi-company, multi-currency cloud accounting platform assessment, recommendation and implementation coordination

Take your company from garage to global

• International business structuring review, business model canvas planning and forecasting
• Liaise with international accounting firm to ensure all transactions are properly recorded
• Create uniform chart of accounts for all entities
• Assist with international cash management and planning
• Support international Treasury ops

Value-added guidance to help obtain the best result for your transaction

• Ensure financial integrity and accountability
• Post-merger integration/carve-out transaction support
• Facilitate migration of accounting platforms
• Provide oversight for the transaction closing process including managing 3rd party professionals
• Provide advice on and help implement financial restructuring / re-engineering

Prepare for the transaction - from auditing to due diligence

• Due diligence preparation
• Short-term cash forecasting
• Provide accounting and financial transactional support to existing financial staff
• Liaise with acquirer during transition period
• Assist acquiree to close out financial records

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