Improve Operating Efficiency and Profitability

Knowing how to measure, implement, monitor and manage SaaS metrics remains a challenge for most businesses.

• Understanding the key metrics, long term trends and their benchmarks help investors judge the long term prospects for your company

• Establishing internal practices is easy when done early, but hard to change when scaling an organization

• Streamlining inefficient workflows and removing non-scalable processes with the right technologies help avoid missed revenue targets and unhappy customers

DecisionCFO’s SaaS Practice

Our solutions are designed to address critical financial challenges facing such companies - analytics, revenue recognition and technology platforms.

• Providing integrity to company’s SaaS reporting and underlying financial results

• Customizing the appropriate SaaS metrics for the client organization

• Forecasting growth by providing expert financial models

• Implementing proper processes and policies for SaaS GAAP revenue recognition

• Helping to evaluate, select and implement the right technology solution(s)

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