September 26, 2018

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“Why Series As are Much Easier to Raise in 2018 than the Past 5 Years”

Tomasz Tunguz, Redpoint, 6/24/18
Managing the Complexities of Expansion: The CFO’s Crucial Role

Chuck Leddy, Spark, 6/18/18
The Value of Both Optimists and Pessimists in the Room
Brad Feld, Feld Thoughts, 7/30/18
It’s Time for Customer Success Leaders in Software Companies to Own Their Revenue Number – Melissa Valdez, SBI, 8/31/18
EU Regulation will Drive U.S. Banks to Embrace FinTech or Lose Market Share
Lucas Mearian, Computerworld, 8/28/18
How Technology Is Transforming CFO Leadership Success

Anthony Coletta, Digitalist Magazine, 8/28/18
Looking Beyond Company Walls For Financial Expertise

PYMNTS, 8/27/18
Sector Focus: Blockchain
Blockchain: Disruption and Opportunity

Natalia Maslova, Strategic Finance, 7/1/18
How Blockchain will Change the Financial Professional’s Role
Charles Pittaway, IT-Online, 8/28/18
Blockchain Law: ICO Regulation and Other Legal Considerations in the Blockchain Ecosystem
Dror Futter, Rimon PC, VC Experts, 8/20/2018
Global Finance Leader Study: Unlock the Power of Advanced Analytics by Combining Finance and Non-Finance Data
Christy Sasser, Workday, 8/23/18
What’s Your TRUE Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)? – DCF Provides the Answer

David Skok, For Entrepreneurs
8 Keys to Epic Data Driven Storytelling

William Comcowich, Business 2 Community, 8/29/18
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