Who We Are:

We are a team of expert CFOs and Controllers infused with a spirit of entrepreneurship and teamwork. Since 2008, we have served more than 200 early and rapid growth stage technology and healthcare companies. There are few issues that we have not seen and even fewer challenges that we are unable to resolve.

Our Philosophy:

An absolute focus on creating value through financial transformation.

Our Promise:

We will uncover and convey the meaning behind the numbers. We will help to define the metrics and craft a strategic financial plan reflecting your vision. We will deliver accuracy, brevity and clarity in all our work product.

Our Values:

We succeed by finding the best solutions through collaboration. We ask. We listen. We solve. We believe that vigorous debate and teamwork create the best outcomes. We do not compromise on our ethics, confidentiality or integrity.

Our Methodology:

Financial acumen backed by a team of experts. Where you see one, there are many.


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